Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dreaming of a Recycled & Recyclable Tree?

Last year we bought a potted tree from an inexpensive, organic chain store. It was very small and didn't grow much by Christmas, which was fine for the grinchy adults of our household but not acceptable to the younger population of our home. It died shortly after Christmas.

This year we found The Cardboard Christmas Tree. The Cardboard Christmas tree is made from recycled corrugated cardboard and is recyclable. A portion of the profits is donated to the Arbor Day Foundation's Trees for America Program. Plus our kids loved it!

The tree ships flat as two cardboard sheets inside another cardboard sheet. It costs merely $22.95 plus another $8 for shipping. This price is lower than advertised prices for live trees (with a root ball for replanting) and is comparable to tree prices that require driving to the suburbs for retrieval.

The tree punches out in two pieces and interlocks together. It even includes punch-out ornaments! We decorated a few but traditional decorations work well. Given the cat population of our house, the included cardboard decorations are best.

Surprisingly the kids jumped excitedly when they saw the tree. We got out the paints and set to work. It was a bit slow but very fulfilling. The kids did something creative and didn't bicker. The process was a bit slow and there is more to paint.

The Cardboard Christmas tree wasn't removed from a forest in Canada and uses recycled cardboard fiber. After Christmas, the tree can go in the recycle bin on the curb or in storage for next year. For each dollar donated to the Arbor Foundation, one tree will be planted in a damaged forest. Painting the decorations occupied the kids constructively. The Cardboard Christmas tree is an inexpensive, green alternative to killing a tree for display for a few weeks.

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