Sunday, January 18, 2009

Caulking Is an Act of Conservation

Energy prices, especially in Philadelphia, are high and our coldest weather has arrived. A friend of Mr. Philly Organic said her gas bill was $350 this month. Our own gas bill was a hundred bucks less, although our house is older and larger. Mr. Philly Organic often gets frustrated with our 102-year-old house. It requires a lot of attention, love, and money. He has spent a lot of time weatherizing the house with everything from reusable acrylic window shields to foam to caulk. While we can’t make an across the board comparison between the two houses, the gas bill is a good indication that his weatherization efforts have lowered our energy usage and made our house warmer. When it comes to living green, we must reduce what we use and waste less. Weatherization is one the most green acts and can be done by anyone: homeowner or renter, wealthy or poor, handyman or the repair inept.

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rutibegga said...

Hi. I just discovered your blog. Having an old Philly rowhome myself (and being new to homeownership) I'm really interested in any money-saving/greening projects you might undertake! I'll be following your blog from now in... so hi!