Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cleaning Up, Greening Up or Is It Greenwashing?

Msphillyorganic just applied a little shea butter with ginger from Juju Salon. It's a small sample after the pedicure I had on Friday and it's much needed after today's housework.'s filthy. House cleaning products are filled with chemicals that are dangerous for humans and pets and horrible for the environment. There are alternative products but how many of them are actually safe and environmentally sound? There are cheaper and safer ways to clean your home.

First, it's important not to throw out the cleaning products you have in your cabinets and replace them with other products. This is not fiscally sound and it doesn't protect the natural world. Once in the trash, the products will travel to a landfill and leak into the soil and groundwater. You could turn them in on hazardous waste day or you can start fresh after you use them up.

How do you start fresh? We'll visit this topic a lot. The green and environmental debate about Clorox's Greenworks still rages. I looked at their label and everything listed is plant-derived, but so was the poison administered to Socrates. I've not found a single review of the line that was written by a scientist with the education necessary to determine the safety of the products.

There are older green products out there but many of them, like Simple Green, are not as safe or green as advertised. Others are heavily criticized for reluctantly or partially revealing ingredients. Finally a lot of environmentally sound companies charge more for the privilege. Clean with baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, and vegetable oil cheaply and environmentally!

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